Go Mobile – The Time is Now

Tips for mobile website design:Connie Glutyk | Mobile Marketing Consultant

  • Keep It Quick – Mobile users are short on time.
  • Simplify Navigation – Minimize scrolling and keep thing vertical only.
  • Be Thumb Friendly – Fat fingers syndrome, make it easy for people to use their fingers to move around.
  • Design for Visibility – Must be easy to read, especially in low light.
  • Make it Accessible – Should work across all devices and handsets, flash does not work on all devices.
  • Make it Easy to Convert – Make purchasing product easy and fast and phone numbers Tap-to-Call.
  • Make it Seamless – Must convert most of your desktop site to your mobile site with same information.
  • Use Mobile Site Re-directs – Use a re-direct to send smartphones to the mobile site and others to the desktop and back again.
  • Make it Local – Have your address or store locator on the landing page.  People like to shop local, think pizza and service stations.
  • Learn and  Listen – Use analytic’s to understand how people use your site, listen to their desires and wishes for a mobile site and update often.