Answers to  Common Questions:

Q: My site shows up on my phone. That means it’s mobile-friendly, right?

A: Not necessarily. Most sites will show up on a smartphone, but unless they have been designed with mobile in mind they won’t provide a great user experience. A truly mobile-friendly site is tailored to the needs of mobile users and the capabilities of mobile devices.

Q: I can’t afford to build a mobile site. Can it wait?

A: Sure it can wait…if you’re willing to risk missing out on a ton of business. Soon, more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices than desktop computers. By 2015, mobile commerce will reach $119 billion world wide! Can you afford to wait while your competitors beat you to the punch?

Q: I’ve already invested in mobile ads. Isn’t that enough?

A: Mobile ads are a great advertising solution because they reach consumers in a targeted and efficient way. But imagine this:  a customer has just clicked on your mobile search ad and reaches your…desktop site. They have a negative experience, and it leaves them with a bad feeling about your business.  In short, if you run mobile ads that lead to a non-mobile-friendly site, you’ve only done half the job.

Q: We built a mobile app. That’s the same thing, isn’t it?

A: Mobile apps can be an important part of your mobile strategy, but the fact is,  they are not a replacement for a mobile-friendly site. Apps are platform-specific and take a lot of work to update. A mobile site, however, will work on any mobile devicewith a browser. And, when you want to update content, it’s much simpler to do it quickly.

Q: I don’t think my customers are mobile. Isn’t that mostly for teenagers?

A: Absolutely not.  85% of Americans age 18 and over have a mobile phone, including 68% of people overage 65. What’s even more amazing is how quickly mobile usage is growing. By 2015, there will be more than 7.1 billion mobile devices in use.

Q: How can I tell if my clients are using mobile phones to look for me?

A: Your desktop site analytics can tell you a lot about how people are accessing your site. Look for searches coming from mobile operating systems and determine what percentage of your total traffic this is. Also note what these users are looking for—this will help you prioritize the right info and features when you build your mobile-friendly site.

Q: How do I know if a mobile site will helpmy business?

A: The statistics are compelling, but it’s understandablethat you’d like to know for certain if a mobile site willdrive business for you. Luckily, it’s not an all-or-nothingthing. You can experiment with a single mobile landingpage and see how it performs before committing. It’s arelatively small investment and will provide learningyou can leverage when you build a full mobile site.

Q: As a primarily local business, do I need this?

A: Mobile is very important for local businesses. When your customers are out and about, they could be looking for the closest business of your type, from gas stations and restaurants to legal or medical help. In fact 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information on their phones.