What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, social media, digital display advertising and digital media such as television, radio, and mobile phones in the promotion of brands and products to consumers. Digital marketing may cover the more traditional marketing areas such as Direct Marketing by providing the same method of communicating with an audience but in a digital fashion.Connie Glutyk | Mobile Marketing Consultant

Why You Need Digital Marketing!

It is creating new and effective ways to reach and connect with consumers at anytime from anywhere.

Convenience: Just think about it, consumers are now able to make reservations, find out their favorite clothing store is offering a 50% sale, order a meal to be picked up later, and even get a heads-up if their child is coming up on a waiting list for a certain preschool

Personal: 91 percent of mobile users keep their phone within one meter of reach 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Businesses are discovering that it’s easy to provide a feeling of  individual treatment when they are contacting customers on a one-on-one basis.

Quick: Mobile text marketing is quick, you can use that sense of urgency to help promote a special offer on a slow day or remind people of a lunch special you are featuring.

ROI: Mobile marketing helps your marketing return on investment because the advertisement is often welcomed since it is based on getting permission first.  Messages reach the intended receiptent and tracking and reporting for campaigns can occur literally in real time.

Green: Text message marketing reduce waste, the company’s message is also stored on the recipient’s phone. By transitioning to SMS mobile marketing, businesses reduce waste while actually promoting their company.

The Wave: Generation Y alone is estimated to put out $200 billion annually in discretionary spending.  As a result, advertisers are clamoring to reach them in digital marketing and mobile environments because that’s where they’re spending so much of their time.

Digital Marketing, like it or not, it’s where we are headed.

How To Do Digital Marketing

Smartphones – are mobile devices that not only allow you to watch video, receive and send emails, read the news, listen to Internet radio, get driving instructions, tweet on twitter, chat with friends on facebook, make phone calls and do a million other things.

SMS Marketing – Short Messaging Service, generally referred to a texting from one mobile phone to anothr and a medium of direct advertising.  SMS messages are read within 4 minutes of receipt making them highly convertible.

Connie Glutyk | Mobile Marketing Consultant will put together a digital marketing strategy for you along with other marketing strategies to increase your bottom line.

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