What’s The Differenc Between A Mobile Website and a Mobile App?

Hopefully the comScore graphic gets your attention.  I was reading this article on Jonathan Leger’s website that got me to thinking about how would I explain the difference between the two, if asked.  Well, his explanation really did it for me and it makes so much sense.  I see people all around me using their iphones in the gym, at bus stations, in the mall, they no longer pull out their laptop or tablet anymore with the convenience of the iphone in hand.  Instead of me explaining the difference between the responsive mobile website and an app just read the article below.

Mobile vs App

“If you’re a content producer, you cannot ignore mobile users. Yes, that means having a great looking, responsive mobile website, but it also means engaging your users in a custom app designed for your site.

Let’s think about that last statement for a moment. Do you really need an app for your website if you already have a great mobile site?
To answer that, ask yourself: How much time do you spend on your phone or tablet each day? Of that time, how much of it is in apps versus your mobile browser?

Mobile Users Spend More Time In Apps

If you’re anything like the typical user, 90% of your time is spent in apps. As a mobile society we’ve grown accustomed to using apps. It’s just quicker to load up an app and flip through it than it is to open up the browser and clumsily tap a site name into the url bar or do a search at Google to find it”.

Mobile wheet chart

“Of all the time people spend on their mobile devices, only 10% of that time is in the browser. That means if you limit yourself to a mobile website you’re missing out on a potential explosion of traffic and revenue”.

Read more here:  Jonathan Leger